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This is a NEW one of a kind, FIRST to market, BREAKTHROUGH glutathione product!

One breakthrough technology.

Two breakthrough products.

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One product you swish in your mouth and one product you spray on your skin. Easy!

Previously, glutathione, which is the master antioxidant, a major cell detoxifier and cell protector was only administered by IV since it gets destroyed in the gut until now! This new proprietary Hydrastat NanoTechnology for bioavailable delivery of the essential ingredients is exclusive only to Neumi!

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  • Anti-aging skin toning, firming, and clarity!
  • Increased Energy!
  • Immune Support!
  • Joint Support!
  • Increased Focus and Clarity!
  • Increased Endurance!
  • Rapid Recovery!
  • Cellular Detoxifier!
  • Cellular Repair and Protection!
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We believe SISEL is the best healthy lifestyle system to help people improve and recover their health with the most scientifically advanced therapeutic grade products the world has ever seen!

There are two lines of healthy lifestyle products free from harmful and potentially toxic ingredients for your health and home and everyone to benefit...

Everyday use products: toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving gel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, skin care, coffee, tea, laundry, dishes, cleaning products, etc.

Nutraceuticals: natural herbal medicines, therapeutic grade concentrates for immune strength, disease prevention, health recovery, anti-aging, cellular regeneration, detoxification, weight loss, fitness, energy, and longetivity.

What sets SISEL apart from all other Natural Health and Wellness Companies and Home-Based Business Opportunities

The Billionaire founder and formulator Tom Mower Sr. built the World's Largest Manufacturing Plant of its kind from the ground up in 2006 with $250 million paid in cash. The massive Manufacturing Plant is 440,000 square feet and the land is owned debt-free by this family-owned private company with no partners or investors.

Sisel was founded in 2007 and set up as a Manufacturer to Consumer direct with Sisel exclusive proprietary safe and effective formulas and ingredients. Some of the nutraceuticals are Genius award winning product formulations and also pantented manufacturing processes.

The Home-based business system was designed to increase your income from wherever you are worldwide protected by a 999-year Dynasty Trust making this company as solid as possible, and a true legacy company!